My Furnace works fine! Does it need maintenance?

“Leave me alone!” said no heating and cooling system ever!  Did you know that giving your heating and cooling systems some much deserved attention a couple of times a year is as necessary as doing regular maintenance on your car?

Yes, its true. Just like a car that gets ignored, your heating and cooling system will throw a tantrum eventually and you will have to pay out the bigger bucks to get the problem solved.

Dutton Air Care has a program performed by our certified technicians called the Service Maintenance Plan that can help you remember regular maintenance and save you money with an added bonus of making your heating and cooling systems appreciate your efforts and be your friend for a very long time.

The Service Maintenance Plan covers a maintenance service in the fall to measure things, look at your system thoroughly and get it prepared for the harsher winter temps and conditions. and in Spring, another maintenance service to get you all prepared for the extreme summer season we have here.  We will change your filters for you if you have them there at the time of the service and you get 1st priority on any repairs or problems that might develop. Also 15% off on repair parts. The Service Maintenance Plan costs $163.00 for each unit per year.

The added bonus is that you get to talk to our service scheduler twice a year when she calls to make the appointments!  She loves hearing from each of you!  Mention this Blog post when you call for your maintenance and receive 20.00 off of a repair.